Web design & Web development

Design-first approach

Are you looking to create a website, blog, or online store and a perfect design is a top priority for you? Do you need a website that sets you apart from your competitors and enables your brand to thrive and grow? Don't settle for a generic website that blends in with the rest. If you are serious about your website, want to attract people and make money, you should not underestimate its design.


Material Design from Google

Integration of Material Design, a design language developed by Google, offers a comprehensive set of principles that go beyond aesthetics, providing a seamless user experience through its tactile elements, effects, dynamic animations, and three-dimensional environment.

Smart components and building blocks

Smart components and building blocks allow us to easily create modern websites, web applications, blogs and e-shops, enriched with dynamic elements and animations. We create most of the smart components ourselves through the front-end framework Material Design Bootstrap (MDBootstrap). Whether it's simple component like modal window, navbar, sidebar, hamburger menu, treeview list or more complex - fully functional smart components like dashboards and administration, we can always combine their perfect functionality with amazing design.

SEO-first approach

A well-designed website is crucial for creating a positive user experience and building trust with your audience. However, even the most stunning website will fall flat if no one can find it. That's why an SEO-first approach is essential when creating or redesigning a website. While design plays a crucial role in the user experience, combining it with strong SEO practices is the key to success.

Simple content management

Simple content management is a matter of course for us. It is important to us that you enjoy working with your website and that you can do all the modifications with pleasure. Depending on the chosen solution and content management system, you can directly manage the content of your website, the products in your store and manage user comments.

Personal approach

We have a personal approach to each client and our coder, designer or programmer is still available for him.

What you get with us

Professional design

Get a website, blog or e-shop with a perfect design, enriched with dynamic elements and animations, integrating the most modern approaches of the Material Design Bootstrap (MDBootstrap) frontend framework. Get a website that will impress visitors with its modern look and functionality, a website with which you will build your brand.

Website that attracts visitors

Get a website, blog and e-shop according to your needs. Whether you have an idea of how your website should look or want to entrust its design to us, we will help you with texts and copywriting, images, videos, media galleries, banners and infographics. Its frontend will be fully responsive, flexible and will contain smart components.

Blog that reaches people

Get a visually stunning personal or commercial blog that will resonate with your audience and provide a dynamic and engaging online presence. In context to the content and focus of your blog, we carefully select visual elements and implement user-friendly interface to enhance the overall user experience.

E-shop that sells

Just like when creating a website or blog, when designing and creating an e-shop we also focus on functional components, effects and animations that will make your e-shop move and liven up. With our solution your e-shop will not look monotonous and your customers will love it.

Web redesign

Do you already have a website or e-shop, but you are not achieving the results you would like? Do you feel like your competition is on your heels? Then it's the right time to think about modifying it. A functional redesign can greatly help you with website reach and get new customers.

Domain & Hosting

Your website, blog or e-shop can be hosted with us in datacenter, or with another hosting services. It's only up to you. We also offer the domain name registration on almost all top-level domains (TLD). We use namecheap.com's designated registrar or a registrar of your choice.

Advanced security

We take website security seriously, which is why we offer advanced security features as standard with all our web development packages. Our security measures protect your website from potential threats, ensuring your data and that of your users remains safe and secure at all times.

24/7 Support

Our Support Team and Helpdesk are available 24/7, including weekend. We are able to solve all your requirements promptly in real time. Just write us an e-mail, call us or you can contact us via chat.

...be demanding and want more

Media galleries and streaming

Whether you want to create a media gallery, stream the content or host live video calls, with our solution you receive the finest integration of design and functionality, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Chat and real-time communication

Real-time communication through the chat application is a key step in getting satisfied customers. Be in touch with your customers and don't miss the order. Quality chat is part of every solution we offer.

Linking to social networks

Don't miss out on the benefits of linking your website to social networks. This will help you reach a wider audience and foster a stronger connection with your followers.

Integration of payment gateways

If you are really serious about running an e-shop, secure payment gateway integration will be essential. Allow customers to conveniently pay for your goods or services.

Advanced data processing

No matter what kind of business you run, whether you sell goods or services, you cannot avoid planning and analyzing data. Advanced data processing is an area we are happy to help you with.

Two-factor authentication

If you already have customers, don't get them lost just because of poor security measures on your website. For larger projects, you should definitely implement two-factor authentication for sign in to user accounts.

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